MBTI and characters: Natasha Romanoff (ISTP)

Loyal to her causes and beliefs. Although she doesn’t respect the rules of the system, she follows her own rules and guidelines and she will not take part in something which violates her personal laws.

Dominate Function: Introverted Thinking
She makes her decisions based on reasoning and logic rather than sentiment. She considers alternate options rather than sticking to any one plan, adapting to any sort of situation. Practical, pragmatic and realistic. She possess an excellent capacity for understanding how anything works, displaying logical, detached analysis. Private regarding her personal life. She displays coolness under pressure which helps get things fixed.

Auxiliary Function: Extroverted Sensing
Natasha lives in the moment. She’s quick to take action and eager for new experiences. She takes in information in the moment, able to react and adapt quickly to situations. She does not hold grudges and can ignore her past easily. She always seems to know what she’s doing when it comes to physical or mechanical obstacles. Excellent in a crisis situations. and with very good hand-eye coordination.

Tertiary Function: Introverted Intuition
She’s very aware of her surroundings. Intuition is not a strong suit, but she can see the importance of the bigger picture in addition to what is directly infront of her. She’s able to sit back and citicise, citing rational reasons as to why they are right and the existing methods are wrong. Excellent sense of expediency and grasp of the details. 

Inferior Function: Extroverted Feeling
Natasha isn’t naturally tuned in to how she’s affecting others, often showing flashes of humour in the most tense situations and this can result in her being seen as thick-skinned or tasteless. She doesn’t pay attention to her feelings, and even distrusts them to avoid emotional reactions and value judgments. 


Psycho Mantis & Gray Fox

by Shuty9

Black and white illustrations by a Czech artist going by the handle “Shuty9” of Metal Gear Solid characters, Psycho Mantis & Gray Fox. What makes these stand out is how well they emulate the style of Yoji Shinkawa by using a sketch like or freehand style of illustration to produce very vivid images of the characters.

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a brief touch.

a brief touch.


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By いえすぱ

Quiet Fanart , MGSV  by  moodyg